Considerations when Buying CBD Tinctures

At first it can seem quite overwhelming choosing a CBD oil. We are here to help! You should take a few factors into consideration:

  • How much CBD your body needs a day (we recommend around 25 MG’s a day, but you can always start lower and up the dose each week)

  • The price for all-natural ingredients vs artificial ingredients

  • Lab-tested for purity and quality (all of our products are third party lab tested)

  • The amount of CBD per serving

  • Servings per bottle

  • Carrier oil or cutting agent – MCT oil and olive oil are ideal (all of our tinctures at Megan’s are either MCT Oil or Olive Oil based)


You should also take your ideal dose into consideration. This includes knowing how your weight plays a role in how much CBD your body might need. Finding your ideal dose begins with some experimenting. Everyone is different. Starting low and working your way up in dose slightly every week is a great way to find the perfect dose for you.


There are very few medications that interact with CBD. But shoppers should speak with their doctors and research themselves prior to starting the use of CBD oil.


Lab testing by a third party lab is important for CBD oil shoppers to look for. In those lab tests you want to make sure that everything the lab tests for from cannabinoids to pesticides is in passing range.

The more education, the better. We here at Megan’s are always here to help educate and answer any and all questions that come up.

Eric PowersTinctures, CBD Oil